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  Trivision LED Billboards


A revolution in the outdoor media industry!


Electro MEDIA Tri-vision LED billboards is a combination of Tri-vision and LED screen in one!
It looks like a tri-vision but one face is replaced with LED modules, and the other two faces still have stickers and look like regular billboards.
In daytime, we'll see a prismatic billboard which only presents two faces. But at night, the face with LED modules will be positioned automatically to show video or multiply still pictures just like an ordinary LED screen.

We all know that traditional tri-visions are a semi-dynamic advertising medium. They can show large size ads. at low cost. Compared to static billboards, they can display more ads. which makes them more revenue generating. Its semi-dynamic presentation, vivid colors and huge sizes will attract the audience during the day, but may appear dull at night, even when lit. Also, they cannot show fully dynamic pictures and can't contain more than 3 visuals.

In terms of LED screens, they can show as many dynamic pictures and video as you want. However, the daytime advertising effect is
not always satisfactory unless it is high resolution/ brightness screen, which is very expensive and has quite high power consumption.

For these considerations, we combined tri-vision and LED screens together. Electro MEDIA tri-vision LED makes full use of their advantages but eliminates their disadvantages. Also, the LED modules don't need to work under strong sunlight and heat in daytime. This way, the new technology saves much power and extends the life of LED lamps.
The result is more ads., more revenue, smaller investment and low operation cost.

It's new, attractive, affordable and reliable. Electro MEDIA tri-vision LED are the best solution for outdoor advertising.


  • Two visuals are shown in daytime, changing between face A and B.

  • At night. the face with LED modules will be displayed automatically to show dynamic content like an ordinary LED screen.

  • In daytime, Electro MEDIA tri-vision LED rotate like a standard prisma, thus requiring little power. Only the motor needs about few watts of power when rotating. At night, the LED screen just consumes about 100w/m2 on average, which is approximately one fifth of a normal screen

  • LED lamps are arranged evenly at 25mm pitch, and have a 50,000 hours life (10 years minimum)

  • Perfectly for outdoor use, it is dust-proof, water-proof, snow-proof, and will be free of electronic and magnetic interference, and thunder light.

  • Minimum screen size: 50 m2



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led flexible curved displays