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Indoor video displays are basically similar to outdoor ones, except for waterproofing, brightness and resolution, that should necessarily be higher, in order to view the screen as clearly as possible from a short distance, WITHOUT DOTS. Below are the different models we produce.

MODEL> EVI 111-2.5 EVI 111-3   EVI 111-4

EVI 111-5

EVI 111-6

EVI 111-8

 Pitch (Real pixels) 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm
Leds per pixel (SMD 3 in 1) 1R/1G/1B 1R/1G/1B 1R/1G/1B 1R/1G/1B 1R/1G/1B 1R/1G/1B

 Pixels per M2

160.000 111.111 62.500 40.000 27.777 13.115
 Brightness / M2. (Nits) 1500 1800 1800 1600 1500 1500
Visible angle 160°H / V 160°H / V 160°H / V 160°H / V 160°H / V 160°H / V
Operating temperatures -10°/ +40° C -10°/ +40° C -10°/ +40° C -10°/ +40° C -10°/ +40° C -10°/ +40° C
Refresh rate 2000 Hz 2000 Hz 2000 Hz 2000 Hz 2000 Hz 2000 Hz
Mini viewing distance  * 3 m 4 m 5 m 6 m 7 m 10 m
Image quality rating Ultimate TOP TOP Excellent Very Good Good
Total LED life (Hrs) 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000
Max. Power / M² 600 550 550 520 520 550
Weight/M² Fixed screen 38Kg 38Kg 38Kg 38Kg 38Kg 38Kg
Weight/M² Rental screen 25Kg 25Kg 25Kg 25Kg 25Kg 25Kg

- Smaller size pitch (2mm,1.8mm and 1.6mm) are also available but still very expensive. Please contact us for details.
- Modules are available in these sizes: 400x300, 480x480, 500x500, 500x100, 576x576, 640x640, 768x768, 960x960, 1024x1024. 
- Small size modules are lightweight, slim, and designed for “rental” or temporary installations, and made in thin aluminum or die- 
  casting aluminum, while bigger size modules are made in iron cabinets and designed for permanent installations (heavier, thicker
  but cheaper than the others)
- These specifications can change without notice due to technology advancement or customer’s request.



CONTROL System must be located inside or nearby the LED screen cabinet

(up to 80m away), unless a fiber optic cable is used between the board and the
control room. Installed software: Windows XP, our special Player / Scheduler/
Video and/or our special stadium application software.

       LED SCREEN                 Data Cables      Buffer Box  Input Signal  Control PC
                                          80m distance max.
                                        or fiber optic cables
  (1 Km)


                         PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT IN OFFICE
Editing PC               DVD/VCD/LD      Videocam      Internet 

                                                                            Digital Cam      TV/Cable TV

Windows-XP, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, any other graphics/ animation, video capture & editing software,  plus our special Player/ Scheduler and/or stadium software
1-Direct connection from PC to PC
2-Network or fiber optic cable
(for distant control room -up to 500m)  
3-Modem and High speed internet
(for remote location)




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